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One Day Late

Did you know you can buy a paper version of The Lax Team Sex Scandal right now, and not have to wait for one new page each week? It's true!

I guess I had more going on than I thought I did. Oh well, today's the first day I missed posting on Fridays, this post comes up on Saturday morning.

This week in the news, the media, and the democrats, and a bunch of republicans, have all arrayed themselves against Donald Trump for the grave, grave crime of not kissing Khizir Khan's butt. You see, when the child of a democrat dies fighting in a war, that democrat achieves something called Absolute Moral Authority, and the democrat can say and do whatever they want and get angry at whoever they want, and no one can do anything except kiss their butt.

However, Donald Trump said I have no idea who this guy is, and probably his wife wasn't allowed to talk.

Grave crime, yes. Very bad. Who cares that Khizir Khan made his living selling American citizenships to his fellow middle-easterners? Who cares that his law firm did Hillary Clinton's taxes and helped out the Clinton Foundation? The answer is, shut up and take their insults! They have Absolute Moral Authority!

Okay, that had nothing to do with comics, sorry. But I have noticed that there is a great deal of SJW stuff going on in comics nowadays. Comics are falling all over themselves to include members of oppressed minorities as main characters. Diversity is apparently prized over writing a good story.

Also I wanted to say, in panel four, I imagined the little musical notes rocking back and forth in a rhythmic fashion.

Comic transcript

In the lacrosse house off-campus, #41, the captain of the team, tells the teammates who have gathered for the party that even though they ordered two Caucasian strippers and they received a black stripper and a half-black, half-asian stripper, it's too late to change their order and they should go forward and make the best of it.

The strippers start their act, but wouldn't you know it, they're terrible. One of the strippers, the black one, is buzzing on a combination of alcohol and Flexeril, when the prescription says, quite clearly,

Be careful if you drive or do anything that requires you to be awake and alert. Avoid drinking alcohol, which can increase some of the side effects of Flexeril.
Oh well. The young men of the lacrosse house are not impressed with the strippers' shitty act. #56 says to #41, "41, I've talked to some of the guys and we're just not into it. These two are terrible dancers. Can we ask them to leave?"

#41 responds "But it's only been five minutes. Are you sure?"

56 is certain he is, and says "Yeah, it's a disappointment, but I'd rather drink beer and watch a porno. Also, these two strippers smell funny."

It has been decided. IN a gentlemanly fashion, #41 approaches the two strippers in preparation for kicking them out and says "Ladies! We need to talk!"

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