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Equality for Me, not for Thee

The latest bust-up from the lefty mobs is a fellow who was chased and threatened with physical violence. It seems that a bunch of black people decided to show up at Maxine Waters' office because they had heard that a group called the Oath Keepers had planned to protest Mrs. Waters. Because she had called for violence against the current administration.

A fellow unaffiliated with either the bunch of black people or the Oath Keepers decided that he would video tape the proceedings. A group of blacks took issue with him, and a dozen or so chased him, threatening violence. The narrator yells out in a gleeful tone "Run, rabbit, run!" as the man rushes away to preserve himself from bodily injury.

You know, I was thinking earlier today that this whole "Russian Collusion" charge leveled at the current administration is very similar to the "Hands up don't shoot" statement associated with Michael Brown (shot dead after robbing a store). In both cases, the media is re-broadcasting and amplifying a dubious charge with a lack of any physical evidence to prove it. In both cases, there is the goal of furthering a false narrative.

And I guess we'll see whether these United States end up like Ferguson.

Aah probably not. See you next week, fellers!

Comic transcript

We're looking at a classic Crimebuster comic today and for the next couple of weeks. Like all of them it has no given title, but it's packed with action! If you would like to know what it's about, just read the angry caption on page one but remember to come back to this page for the latest!

With an astonished double-take worthy of Mad magazine or Cracked, Billy looks at a wad of bills and yells out "Great Jumpin' Jimminy - A grand - A grand to win on Rosy Ring!" He calls out after the retreating figure "Hey Mister, wait! I can't... too late... H... he's gone!"

Billy goes back to the pool hall. All crispy business. He says "What's the dope n Rosy Ring in the fifth today, Mullins?" (and does not note the salaciousness of the horse's name)

Mullins takes a drag on his cig and says "Rosy Ring? I just got a hot tip on her! She's a sure winner! She can't lose, unless she breaks a leg or drops dead - which ain't likely! I've got a bundle on her!"

Billy mutters to himself "Oh migosh! The race goes off in an hour! I've got to get this bet down or I'll be in a jam! I'd never be able to pay off! Maybe Lucky would handle this bet for me!"

Lucky snarls into a phone, "Take a grand bet on Rosy Ring? Do you think Lucky Dan is crazy? That nag's a sure winner, an' Dan ain't takin' no more bets on it! looks like you're stuck, Bet-a-Buck!"

Beads of sweat gather on Billy's brow. "Thanks anyway!" he says brightly, while he thinks "Gee, I sure am in a jam!"

Lucky grins to the Big Boss, and says "He's sure sweatin', Boss! That grand bet Henny placed for you has Bet-a-Buck scared stiff!"

Boss replies "Good - this'll make him come in with me on whatever terms I make! He's a smart kid - he's got a high school education!"

He sure does! Billy's packing a suitcase as he listens to the live broadcast on the radio. The radio says "Rosy Ring, an 18-to-1 shot is moving up fast on the outside - looks like the winner!" and Billy says "ooh! If she wins, I'm sunk! I'd better start packing right now!"

Billy's getting his toothbrushes in there and the radio says "Rosy Ring is well in the lead! Nothing but a miracle will keep her from winning! She's coming down the stretch - eight lengths in front, with about fifty yards to the finish line!"

Beads of visible sweat are flying off of his brow now, like in an Archie comic. Billy's grim with the toothbrushes. "Yeah, an' it's my finish, too!"

The radio says "Wait a minute, folks - something happened down there - Rosy Ring has thrown her jockey! She's jumped the inside rail!"

The radio continues, "And the winner is Milestone, with Nancie second, and Sugarbun third! Rosy Ring, a sure winner up to a few seconds ago, lost the race in the most spectacular..."

Billy throws his stupid crap all around the room in jubilant celebration. "She ran out of the money! She lost! Lady luck saved me - an' wow! I'm in a grand!"

Psst - don't spend it all in one place, Billy!

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