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Tough Times for Hillary Clinton and her Diazepam Pen

I lean political, and I can't help but notice how often Hillary Clinton tends to blank out when she's talking to a group of people. Her handler, Babatunji Olatunji, is ready as always with the syringe of Diazepram (the anti-seizure medication with side effects including but not limited to paranoid or suicidal ideation and impaired memory, judgment, and coordination. Combined with other substances, particularly alcohol, can slow breathing and possibly lead to death) just in case she happens to have a seizure.

Wow. Didn't know Hillary Clinton, known drinker, was getting shot up with a substance that causes paranoid or suicidal ideation.

I'd hate to think of America electing a President who needed Diazepam.

And it's really, really odd that the press has no, zero, interest in a guy hanging around the Democratic nominee for President holding something that looks a lot like a Diazepam pen.

Aren't they at least partially interested in that thing?

Meanwhile in the comic, the transcript of the official police report uses the word "Suspects" I wonder if they meant one of the three students who were accused, or was the entire lacrosse team considered suspects at the time the report was written?

Comic transcript

A caption reads "Crimebuster takes a break in the long drive to Durham to continue reading about the case."

Crimebuster's beautiful 1942 Ford Special Deluxe is parked outside a rest stop as the sun sets.

Inside the highway rest stop, Crimebuster reads aloud from the police report describing the incident on the Baron University Campus:

"At that point, the strippers reported the males began to get excited and aggressive, and they decided to leave because they were concerned about their safety."

"[The strippers] went to their car, but one of the suspects requested the dancers return to the party to continue their performance. They went inside and..."

The scene switches from inside a rest stop to a house near Baron University near midnight. One stripper hears the words "C'mon and dance for us in the main room." To which she replies "Okay". The other stripper, though, is walking behind her, near the door of the bathroom.

And out of the bathroom reach two pairs of hands, roughly grabbing the stripper by her hair and her right arm. She gasps in surprise.

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