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A Center-Right Judge

Hi, everyone, and thanks for visiting!

Today's topic: It's strange that the left is freaking out so hard about the confirmation of Coach K.

I've read "Civil War" a couple of times in different articles. I have also heard the following reasons as to why the left is engaging in calls for violence, screaming tantrums worthy of five year olds, bawling, and actual mob violence:

  • Demon possession
  • We're seeing the results of two years of unrelenting psychological torment
  • The left has never before lost an institution
Well, this is the wonderful world of politics, so enjoy it!

Anyway, check out that art, hmm? Pretty good! Who is it? Who is the person who drew the art based on pencils I did? Hmm? Anyone want to guess who it is, hmm?

I need to figure out a better method of getting rid of the pencil marks and other specks, but this is kind of an okay scan. I'll do better next time.

You can leave a comment or you can click one of the emojis to tell me what I should think!

Thanks again! Come back next week!

Comic transcript

The word "Babies" appears in large letters. A man and woman are there, taking care of young baby children. What looks like a flower-patterned baby blanket flaps in a breeze. We think to ourselves "Why you should never have children."

In the panel at lower left, a woman wrestles her hand around inside of her purse, looking for something. She is intent on her goal. Next to her, we see her baby lifted up by a pair of masculine, large hands. The baby is lifted up and out of an old-style 1970s baby carriage perambulator with four wheels instead of three and absolutely no capacity to be folded up. Good luck taking that thing on the bus, lady. Below the panel, we see the legend:

#1: Your child will never be abducted.

In the next panel, we see a baby in a crib. The baby is face down in his? her? pillow. Still. A puddle of urine has leaked out of the diaper and is drying. A skull and crossed bones wriggles its way out of the baby's skull. Below the panel, we see the legend:

#2: Sudden infant death syndrome will not be on your list of things to worry about.

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