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3 Daughters of King O'Hara

Some nuttiness this week. A fellow who had been doing his job without a problem for the past ten years was fired by his company the other day.

Why was he fired?

Because a bunch of scalp-hunting dicks alleged that the fellow was a member of a group named "The Proud Boys", and further alleged that this group was a white supremacist group, and got 337 signatures on a digital petition, and the company (upon being served with the digital petition) made a public statement about "offensive behavior" or whatever.

These scalp-hunting dicks are playing for keeps. Dressing up in black and wearing bandanas and throwing bags of feces and whacking people in the head with bicycle U-locks is one thing. At least they're physically present and can get beaten up when they're caught. Messing with a man's livelihood is another.

I'm not endorsing this group called "The proud boys" in any way, but I do endorse their right to assemble in a peaceful manner and speak freely, rights guaranteed to my fellow Americans by our constitution. Even if they say things that I personally disagree with. Even if they say things that other people agree with, or that they don't agree with.

Anyway, the scalp-hunting dicks on the left are playing for keeps now. Be careful out there. Also, please enjoy these pages from the ancient Irish tale "The Three Daughters of King Coluath O'hara." I'll say this, I really love the older sister in this tale, she ended up looking super-cute, I'm surprised at what I could do these eleven years past. She has this mature, sensuous beauty that is absorbing.

What do you think of the lettering? Is it too hard to read? Is the Irish font trying too hard? Let me know in the comments! Or keep it to yourself!

Comic transcript

There was a king in Desmond whose name was Coluath O'hara, and he had three daughters.

On a time when the king was away from home, the eldest daughter took a thought that she'd like to be married.

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