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Something I wanted to mention, that got overlooked in a lot of stories about the 2006 incident, is that the lacrosse player's off-campus house was located adjacent to a large, well-kept public park. The park was a great place for people to congregate, and protest in large numbers without fear of being kicked off private property. It is my belief that this geographic fact contributed to the notoriety of the false accusation. If the off-campus dwelling was a single apartment in a 20-story building on a busy street, for example, there may have been less hubbub, and notoriety, because of confusion about where to protest. No crowds for Television cameras to breathlessly report on.

Comic transcript

There is a large crowd of people in a public park, and they are all screaming incoherently. Some have their middle fingers raised. There are signs, crudely made, demanding confession, or stating that rape is a crime.

The people are all facing in the same direction several of them are carrying a large purple banner on which the word "Castrate!" is written in yellow spray paint. Undoubtedly they are there to protest what they think is the most notorious crime of the early 21st century.

Crimebuster approaches an older man, an ex-hippie wearing his long hair in a pony and wearing a rebellious goatee to show he's still full of energy and pep. The old man carries a small sign that reads "Real men don't protect rapists."

Crimebuster asks the old man "Say, pal, what's the deal here? What's with all the screaming?"

The old man replies "Those rich white boys raped that black woman and now they're in hiding!"

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