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The Appeal

It's hard to understate the narrowness of the appeal of this work you're reading, so I wanted to say I do appreciate the time you're taking to read this. Someone who would be a fan of this comic is in the following sub-set of Americans:

- Likes comics
- Likes comics enough to read comics that aren't about Superman or Batman
- Knows about the 2006 Lacrosse Incident
- Understands what satire is
- Willing to accept the premise of a 1940s public domain superhero
- Can follow the plot of a procedural mystery across dozens of pages

I've considered a couple things when I think about where to promote a comic like this. That first requirement is a doozie. The second requirement is even bigger. I mean, do people even know there are comics that aren't about people with superpowers or who aren't Archie Andrews? Some days I wonder.

However, the greater the struggle, the greater the prize. I have confidence that this comic will find its audience.

By the way, you don't have to wait to read this comic! You can buy it right now!

Comic transcript

Crimebuster continues talking with the older man who has joined the crowd of angry protestors outside the Baron University lacrosse house. Crimebuster asks the ponytailed, bearded oldster a follow up question:

The lacrosse players are hiding, eh? And what can you tell me about the big purple banner you guys are waving around? The one that says "Castrate"?

The old man replies, "Who cares? The American criminal justice system is broken if it lets privileged white boys like them get away with rape!"

Clearly it is no time for a debate. The old man stops talking to Crimebuster and instead yells out an angry chant, "OUT OF THE DARK, INTO THE STREET // WE WON'T BE RAPED, WE WON'T BE BEAT".

The protestors join in. There are dozens of them chanting this slogan against rape and the patriarchy and beatings in general.

Crimebuster is stunned. He says to himself "These people have gone crazy! It's like they never heard of due process!"

Crimebuster races towards the swaying, angry crowd. As he runs, he points backward at his pet monkey Squeeks and says to it "You stay there, Squeeks! I've gotta do something before this crowd busts out with the pitchforks and torches!"

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