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Gone Two Weeks and Look at What's Happened

Hi, Fellows! I'm back again, sorry I missed posting last week but it was unavoidable.

So anyway I've discussed Mr. Smollet a couple times before and the big news this week is that the State prosecutor Kim Foxx, she's the one who promised to bring restorative justice to Chicago, she recused herself, and minor functionary assistant state prosecutor Joe Magats announced that all 16 felony charges against Mr. Smollett have been dropped because he forfeited his $10,000 bond and did 16 hours of community service hanging out in Jesse Jackson Sr.'s broadcast studio and talking with fans.

And as far as restorative justice goes, Kim Foxx was elected State's Attorney based on her attacking the former State's Attorney Alvarez who did the wrong thing when he didn't aggressively enough prosecute the Chicago Police officer who shot that guy Laquan.

Because if only the Chicago Police officers that night had followed Laquan for another three miles on foot, and yelled "Drop the knife" at him only 10,000 more times, then Laquan would still be alive today, ingesting PCP and breaking into cars. Tragically, the police only followed the PCP-addled Laquan on foot for 6 miles and yelled "drop the knife" only seventeen thousand times, which caused his premature death. So that's Kim Foxx's restorative justice, she got elected by demanding officers yell "drop the knife" at least 20,000 times and never use firearms.

Okay, so, Foxx recused herself. Only she didn't formally recuse herself with a written record, it was only a colloquial recusal which meant she still had leadership responsibility over the conduct of her office. And we also learned that it was Michelle Obama's former chief of staff Tina Tchen called Foxx on behalf of members of Smollett's apparently well-known and well-connected acting dynasty family to say that they had "concerns" about how the investigation was being handled.

So anyway, that's why some people who live in Chicago think that the fix was in and it was more restorative justice that Kim Foxx wanted, as well as more dinner party invitations from Michelle Obaama because Kim Foxx is fat, than actual rule of law justice that Americans have been used to.

Okay so. Ugh.

This week, there's a lot going on in this comic abotu the three daughters of King Coluath O'hara. I'll mention these in asides, but I really like this set of panels. I was wondering how could I illustrate the guy pulling up a rush and disappearing into the hole where the rush had been and then I realized, it can just happen between the panels, and the reader can imagine it. It worked out really well, I thought.

Thanks for visiting! See you fellows next week!

Comic transcript

You're reading a page from a comic book based on the ancient Irish Myth the Three daughters of King Coluath O'hara. The translation and story was from Jeremiah Curtin's book Irish Myths and Fairy Tales but don't go and spoil the comic by reading it. I'll be posting a page a week, and the first page is here. Please let me know in the comments if you want to buy a copy and end the suspense, and if enough people want it then hey I'll publish it. Thanks!

The husband who used to be a dog during the day, he said to his wife, the third daughter of King Coluath O'hara "I have no power to stay, and I must leave you."

He turned away from her and added "So farewell, you'll never see me again on the upper earth."

Interesting here, that the tale specified the land of Tir-na n Og is in the lower earth, and the land we know is the upper earth. This implies Tir na n Og is below our feet, rather than hidden in another dimension.

He left her sitting on the mound, went a few steps forward to some bulrushes, pulled up one, and disappeared in the opening where the rush had been.

The bulrush, or rush, is a type of hollow reed. The reed plant shows up in a lot of different stories, including the tale of Apollo and Syrinx, as well as the tale of Moses. That's just off the top of my head, but the symbol or symbols represented by plant have been important to the intellectual development of man (in my estimation).

She stopped there, sitting on the mount lamenting, till evening, not knowing what to do.

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