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Whoops! Guess what I forgot?

That's right! I forgot to post the new one on Friday! Say, this one page a week thing is pretty hard! I always chuckled when those other people doing web comics would make a page that said "Sorry!" and apologize for missing another post, and now it's happened to me.

It might happen to you, too, so be careful!

Did you know you don't have to wait to read this comic page by page every week depending on whether its author remembered to do what he said he would do? Well, it's 100% true! You can buy a copy of this comic right now! We accept paypal!

Otherwise, I'd like to mention that even though "Richie Rich" by Harvey Comics was cancelled a long, long time ago, I think it's interesting that people still call each other "Richie Rich" and they know what it means, e.g. a pejorative meaning way too much money. I've never seen a dollar-mation, of course, and certainly a dog like that must be very valuable.

Comic transcript

An older lady who's dressed in a dumb way is shouting at the protestors who have gathered to scream about the alleged rape of a black woman by three white Baron University students. She has wrapped her long hair up in a black piece of cloth so it totters and sways atop her head like a jungle tree. The old lady screams "Those evil white boys raped that poor black woman! There are racists in that house!"

By "that house" she means the off-campus house they are protesting next to.

The old lady goes on, and asks "Are we gonna let those Richie Riches get away with rape?"

The angry crowd answers with a single throaty voice, "Noooo!" Others in the crowd add "Let's get them!" and "Kill!". The crowd surges forward. One of the protestors sticks out her hand with the index finger extended and then proceeds to shake her head from side to side in a sassy fashion.

But just as the crowd proceeds forward with the possible intent of storming the house and killing all of its occupants, the old lady is hit from the side by a blast of water, knocking her off her feet. What's that? Who's doing that?

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