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By the Bones Comic, Part Two

Hi, fellows! Thanks for visiting!

I did a "by the bones" comic back in November 2018, and today I don't have anything to post, so...

Short shrift! I hope you enjoy it! Sorry about the jaggies on the word balloons, I'm trying to figure out the settings on Manga Studio that will get rid of those.


Comic transcript

Two guys are in a room talking. One is a young man of 17 years, and he has an arrow pointing at him and the words "17 year old me". The young man is talking to an older, more heavyset man, and the young man says "C'mon, don't draw yourself that fat. You're 218, not 300."

A cat nearby says "Yowl" but they ignore him.

Then the heavyset guy says in a reprimanding voice "Remind me why you never got a girlfriend in high school."

The 17year old says "I went to an all-boys school, and I had a sh*t relationship with my mother."

A differnt cat says "MMMRRP?" but they ignore this cat too.

The heavyset man relaxes, he says "Yeah, that did suck. You did the best you could. I'm glad you didn't turn to crime or drugs."

The 17 year old says "How long until I finally get laid?"

The heavyset man says "Only 16 more years." The cat yowls again.

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