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Cartoon about King, Wizard and Knight

Hi, fellows! Got that Friday feeling? Hmm?

So here's another post. This is another comic that I executed in 2012. It was an exercise in storytelling of some sort. I have the feeling it was the result of reading Ivan Brunetti's book on Cartooning (which amounted to notes from his classroom lectures), but I leafed through the book and I couldn't find it.

There's no joke to "get" in this cartoon, it was sketched in pencil on a piece of drawing paper in minutes, and then inked on a computer, seven years later (probably took just as long to ink). It's interesting for me to see how the expressions and feeling changes from pencil to finished version. Maybe it's because when I draw in pencil, I suggest what things could be there, and my imagination can put whatever needs to be where the pencil suggests.

Watching that Mueller testimony this week was pretty goofy, I hung in there for about five minutes. He really did seem confused and hesitant. Perhaps it was because he knew that if he overstepped one single word he would have been scrrrrr-ewwwwwwed for the rest of his natural life.

Mueller led an investigation based on nothing, and it went nowhere, and the investigation lasted for two years. The investigation had the implied purpose of undermining the authority of a sitting, duly elected President. That is some bad, bad stuff to be happening in these United States.

And his investigation it made some people angry. And those angry people want bad things to happen to the people responsible for the investigation. That's my take, and it explains why the man seemed to be fretting every single word.

So, in summation, here's a comic, and thanks for visiting. Please enjoy and I'll be back next week!

Comic transcript

In the first panel we see a wizard and a king. THe wizard's hand is extended, he has conjured a ball of living flame and he is muttering in low syllables. A king sits nearby, fascinated.

In the next panel, the king has gone on a journey into the unfathomable wastes, and we can only guess that it has something to do with what he saw in the last panel.

In the third panel, the king gazes upon a door mounted in a hillside somewhere in the waste. There is magic there, the atmosphere throbs with it.

In the fourth panel WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING?

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