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Cartoon about Science Fiction Cyborg

Hi, fellows! Welcome back! It's Friday again and I'm posting again, welcome!

This week I'm posting yet another exercise from some book I read somewhere. The date I wrote on the original pencils was 7Ahau, 2012. Time flies, that was seven years ago.

The exercises are amusing to re-do with computerized inks and lettering. I can see what I did wrong but I can also try to improve things a little bit. I read that every drawing should be a "feast for the eye" but this is like... an hors d'oeuvre for the eye, maybe. Like a small hotdog wrapped in a crust.

No it's not great shakes. Okay i will stop talking poorly about it. I think there are things to enjoy about this piece. I try to set it in the future, and it's anyone's guess what the future will look like. I imagine that the kind of abstract emotional lines I like to improvise will become popular in home decorations.

Also, neckties in the future are still "in".

Gotta go, fellahs! I gotta make up a hurricane kit! I hope it sits collecting dust! See you next week!

Comic transcript

In the first panel, an old woman is adjusting what looks like a radio. It's the future.

The old woman says "You say you want me to turn up the music? That reminds me of your grandfather the cyborg. His hearing was so acute..."

The second panel is silent. We see a muscular bald man. His eyes and ears are covered by goggles and some circular contraption.

In the third panel, the woman's voice continues. She says " eventually drove him crazy. he ended up getting heavily into those binaural beats, with those ultra strong headphones. that helped." We see the travails of the narrator's grandfather navigating the city streets. Cars hong, engineers endart the frequency destabilizers, and dogs bark, causing the narrator's grandfather mild annoyance.

In the fourth panel, the old woman says "it's funny, how technology solved a problem that technology caused in the first place." The cyborg's earphones are wider now, and the four antennas are vibrating in the quiet.

In the fifth panel, the old woman says "...all things considered, his situ- ation ended up with him pretty darn happy. " The cyborg grandfather of the narrator is now seated on what looks like a couch. He is smiling. Perhaps he is waving, or perhaps he is holding up a hand to adjust his earphones. It's the end of the comic.

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