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William Blake Comic Book: A Memorable Fancy Comic pg 3

Hi, Fellows! Welcome! Wow, what a week it's been. And i say that because of my missing molar. What a trip this is.

It's like those dreams where all your teeth fall out. Only you don't gasp and yell yourself awake trying to spit out teeth fragments before you swallow them. There's no waking up.

And your tongue has to find a different place in your mouth, never having before realized how very sharp your right canine tooth is. And it takes several days of pain resting against the knife blade of your canine before your tongue learns this new lesson (thanks to the missing molar).

Okay so I don't have "dry socket" like I was worried about but instead there was some kind of infection and now I'm taking some antibiotics in the hope that the titanium peg successfully grafts with the bone of my jaw.

This is a trip, I'll tell you.

Okay this week is a new page! In this page, I think William Blake is saying to the Angel, as long as we're talking about eternity, then we can compare your eternity to mine and we'll see which one is better.

Surprisingly the Angel agrees to this. Now, all that stuff about going through a stable, and through a church, and there's a mill at the end of the church, there is some heavy symbolism going on there that I confess I don't understand. I know that mills, industrialization, this was a thing that was starting to happen in late 18th century London, and Blake had written several other things about the bad effects of machines on men.

Which isn't something we think about a lot in our modern age, but the industrial revolution was getting started around that time. And before then, men weren't using coal-powered machines. The skies were never black with smog. The time before the machines was still in living memory when Blake was doing his thing.

Okay fellows, I'll see you next week! Thanks for coming by!

Comic transcript

You're reading a page from a comic book entitled William Blake, Man of Action!!. It's based on William Blake's poem "A Memorable Fancy" from his larger work "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell". I'll be posting a page a week, and the first page of A Memorable Fancy is here. Alternately , you can check out the archive to jump to different pages. Please leave a comment if you like it, or don't! See if I care!

William Blake replies to the Angel, "Perhaps you would be willing to shew me my eternal lot & we will contemplate together upon it and see whether your lot or mine is most desirable."

So the Angel agrees, and she leads him through a stable with horses, and through a church, and down into the church vault, and at the end of the church vault there is a mill. And they walk through the mill together, and then they came to a cave.

The Angel points her imperious finger towards the cave mouth.

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