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William Blake Comic Book: A Memorable Fancy Comic pg 6 and 7

Hi, fellows!

Wow, what a week. Do you guys have that Friday Feeling? I'm starting to! I'm starting to, right now!

I didn't watch the Democrat debates but I saw the clip of Mr. Biden's dentures coming loose. Based on last week's instance where a blood vessel burst under the clear part of his eye, I'm going to guess next week Biden better look out or the next old man thing that will happen is soiling himself. Don't let that happen, Mr. Biden. Go out with some dignity.

Okay so this week I'm posting two pages because I didn't happen to have the original inked version of page six so I went with an earlier version, this was from 2002. Note the difference between the fonts and the zipatone styles between the first page and this page, from 2019.

There are a bunch of different export settings for zipatone stuff in Clip Studio. The thing is, if I make a web-friendly version of the page then the zipatone dots all get put together in a gray mass. If I keep the zipatone then the file is like 40,000 KB. If I reduce the size of the image and scale the zipatone down to match the new image size, then the dots get big and it looks bad.

Ah well, I'll figure this out soon.

I'll mention that that stuff in this week's post, page seven panel four where he says "Distant about three degrees", some have hypothesized that Blake was talking about France as viewed from his vantage point in London. William Blake published the Marriage of Heaven and Hell in 1790 and the French Revolution had started in 1789 or so. But I don't know, and actually no one does. It's very tempting to look closer at these lyrics and try to figure out what William Blake MEANT by them, but the meaning is in the words themselves, not in what someone else says about them.

That's it for this week, guys! See you next week and thanks for coming by!

Comic transcript

You're reading a page from a comic book entitled William Blake, Man of Action!! It's based on William Blake's poem "A Memorable Fancy" from his larger work "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell". I'll be posting a page a week, and the first page of A Memorable Fancy is here. Alternately , you can check out the archive to jump to different pages. Please leave a comment if you like it, or don't!

In page six, William Blake and the Angel are sitting hanging upside down in roots, in an immense cavern below the earth's surface. Beneath them, at an immense distance is a black sun, shining.

Around the sun are a number of firey tracks, and spiders are revolving around the tracks, crawling after their prey. Their prey is flying, or swimming, in the infinite deep, and the spiders' prey has the most terrific shapes of animals sprung from corruption. The air is filled with the prey. These are devils and are called Powers of the air.

Blake turns to the Angel and says "Which is my eternal lot?"

On page seven, the Angel says to Blake "Between the black and white spiders."

But then between the black and white spiders a cloud and a fire rolls, blackening everything and making a terrible noise. The cloud becomes a vast black sea, with a sky above it.

Looking east, they saw a cataract of blood mixed with fire. They also saw in the waves the scaly folds of a monstrous serpent, appearing and sinking again.

Further away in the east, they saw a fiery crest above the waves. It lifted up, and in the crest were two globes of crimson fire, which burned the sea into giant clouds of steam.

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