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William Blake Comic Book: A Memorable Fancy Comic pg 14

Hi fellows! I hope you had a good Halloween. I sure did! Ended up listening to Steeleye Span's version of the Ballad of Tam Lin. Freaky song, specially on that night.

Okay well it's short shrift this week. My apartment suffered an invasion of tiny, 1/2 millimeter long crawling insects and I've been cleaning. Ugh, insects. No idea where they came from. Anyway here's a poor scan of the original version from long ago. i'll be back next week with a fresher, more well-scanned page.

Until then, be safe and always remember to mop at least once a week!

Comic transcript

You're reading a page from a comic book entitled William Blake, Man of Action!! It's based on William Blake's poem "A Memorable Fancy" from his larger work "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell". I'll be posting a page a week, and the first page of A Memorable Fancy is here. Alternately , you can check out the archive to jump to different pages. Please leave a comment if you like it, or don't!

So William Blake is still dragging the Angel with him. Ahead of him, in endless space, floats a church and a stable. He takes the Angel with him into the church, and up to the altar, and then opens the bible.

And lo! The bible was a deep pit and he descends into it, driving the angel before him.

Soon, they see seven houses of brick, and they enter into one of the houses. The illustrations are far too disturbing to describe here so I won't.

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