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William Blake Comic Book: A Memorable Fancy Comic pg 20

Hi fellows! I almost forgot I had to post on Fridays, can you believe it? It's lucky for me I used the reminder app on my phone to post a weekly notice that I have to post.

This week I'll point out that in the original version of this page I had William Blake giving a "Thumbs Up" hand gesture. However, I came to dislike the effect the gesture had, in context. It was like he was being smug or something. So this time I used the "cut off" open hand gesture, palm pointed down and I think it works a lot better.

And also, like last week, Analytics are the practice of basically analyzing something and trying to figure out what it really means, as opposed to experiencing the event or object in the moment.

With William Blake, there's this whole big deal he has with his contemporary named Emanuel Swedenborg. And I guess Swedenborg had some point of view on Analytics, so that could be another avenue to explore if you want to know what maybe Blake was talking about here and his beef with the Angel.

I'll also mention that Swedenborg wrote a book called Earths in Our Solar System, which is a book where Emanuel Swedenborg discusses conversations he had with "spirits and angels" (his words) and describes celestial bodies in our solar system. The outermost planet for Swedenborg was Saturn, just like it was for Blake as I mentioned earlier.

So I wonder whether some or all of this "Memorable Fancy" is Blake goofing on Swedenborg.

Anyway, thanks for visiting this week, cowboys! I'll see all of you next Friday when I post a brand new page, and until then, happy trails!

Comic transcript

You're reading a page from a comic book entitled William Blake, Man of Action!! It's based on William Blake's poem "A Memorable Fancy" from his larger work "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell". I'll be posting a page a week, and the first page of A Memorable Fancy is here. Alternately , you can check out the archive to jump to different pages. Please leave a comment if you like it, or don't!

So then Blake says to the Angel "We impose on one another, and it is but lost time to converse with you whose works are only analytics."

(also I'll mention that one of William Blake's Proverbs of Hell was "He who has suffer'd you to impose on him knows you" (which experience has proved to be true), so that's another dimension of meaning there in Blake's use of the word "impose" in this context)

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