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To Destroy or Not to Destroy

All things considered, posting every single Friday means I don't have much of a "buffer". I'm on page 17, and, spoiler alert, there are 23 pages in this comic you can buy right now.

Then I'm at the end of Issue one, and I will start on Issue 2 immediately after.

So right now, September 30, 2016, I am finishing page 18 of issue 3. I thought to myself last week, I can skip a week. However, there's a buffer. There's a whole big deal about positing every week. And in addition, I will need to take time to publish the paper version of the third issue of the comics some point in December.

There's a lot of sacrifice, in other words. And posting a new page every week is pretty important, so I will need to do my best.

Comic transcript

Immediately after Crimebuster has hosed down the rioters outside the lacrosse house who were protesting the alleged rape of a black woman by three white men, two black men who were among the rioters point at Crimebuster and mutter ominously, "Hey! He wearing a sports uniform! He one of them!"

The blacks march quickly towards Crimebuster. One of them raises his fist and yells "Gon' mess you right up!"

Crimebuster replies "Not today, and not on your best day!" In the background, however, we see Police cars arriving, their lights on.

A policeman steps between the angry blacks and Crimebuster, raising his arms and saying "All right, take it on out of here. Get going!" A caption reads "The police arrive and quickly disperse the damp crowd. But for how long?"

Crimebuster jovially shakes the policeman's hand as the crowd glowers and leaves. Crimebuster says "Thanks, officer! Your men responded to my call in under five minutes and beat the national average!" The officer replies "We do our best, Crimebuster. What brings you here?"

Crimebuster leans close to the officer, and says "I got a report from my boss that this case is causing civil unrest, and boy, is it ever! Do you think I can go in there and talk to the suspects?"

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