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Hi fellows! I hope you all had a good Christmas! I've been on vacation and it's great to be able to stay up as late as I want, imbibing whatever I want! I've got to go in a bit to get a new air conditioner filter. Also I put a bell collar on one of my cats because he sometimes mounts my other cat (also a male). The mountee seems okay with it, but it's just weird to me. So I put the bell on him to remind him who's boss.

It's weird, but what else can be done? They are cats.

Okay so this week the above are inked drawings I made from original pencils in my journal back in 2015. I would generally write some notes about the day and draw a picture inside if I hadn't drawn at all that day, or if I felt like drawing. Casting around for something to post this week, I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice if I posted this one here about the bed?"

So I scanned the drawings and applied inks to them with my Clip Studio program, along with some extras such as screen tone and / or color.

I liked the juxtaposition between the anger of the man hearing neighbors stomping around above him and the peace of the sleeping cat who has been able to tune that all out.

The pilgrim drawing, I don't know where it came from. The idea of hardcore Puritans wearing buckle hats and keeping strong watch against black magic appeals to me. There's a lot of humor in that situation, and it also reminds us of the current social situation we live in here in America, where if someone says or writes the wrong thing, they we are denounced. They're not denounced as witches but they're denounced as racists or bigots or homophobes, or whatever. And instead of getting burned at the stake, they are de-platformed, or the career they spent decades building is destroyed.

The dream tree, I don't know what that means. There may be some significance in the circular arrangement of people around the base of the tree. I see that at that time I was concerned about the health of a cat I owned at the time. The cat was 15 years old and I had "inherited" her from a crappy situation. I'd been getting bad sleep, too. I had been working on the Lax Team Sex Scandal comic, issue one.

In the dream a "facilitator" had bade me and several other young people to lie down and relax next to the tree. Blue colors can kind of mean gloominess, or they might represent religious feelings, and a desire to transcend. It's possible the dream was about my unconscious providing me with a principle of order around which to organize my feelings.

Okay cowboys, I have to mosey along now. I hope you enjoyed this week's comics! See you next week with some more comics!

Comic transcript

Doodle comic 1: A man lies on a bed. He is angry at neighbors stomping around above him at 5am.

Doodle comic 2: A bunch of people lie around a blue tree with large leaves.

Doodle comic 3: A man dressed like a pilgrim accuses the viewer of practicing witchcraft.

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