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Making the Point Clear

Satire is important. It's a useful concept because it allows us to talk about things in a way that they need to be talked about. I love this country, and I cherish its most important protection: the freedom of speech.
Sure, saying "fire" in a crowded theater (when there isn't a fire) can cause some trouble, and such an occasion would be one of the few times when it would be okay to legislate against such use of the vocal cords.
For example, when Louis Head of the Ferguson, MS Heads, exclaimed both "Burn this motherfucker down" and "Burn this bitch down" upon hearing of a court decision he didn't like, hundreds of people said "I will do that" and they burned and looted the town for the fourth or fifth time (I forget how many times Ferguson was looted).
To the untrained ear, it may have seemed as if Mr. Head was inciting a riot. He'd known of the decision an hour before it was announced, and immediately prior to his yelling out "burn" and "shit" he also had said to his supporters "If I get up there, I'm gonna start a riot."
The transcript of the incident read as follows:
Lesley McSpadden: :02 “Y’all wrong, y’all wrong, y’all wrong, y’all wrong”
Louis Head: 00:08 “Burn this bitch down”
Lesley McSpadden: 00:09 “They Wrong”
Louis Head: 00:10 “Burn this bitch down”
Louis Head: 00:12 “Burn this bitch down”
Louis Head: 00:15 “Burn,… no, if I get up there [on top of that car], I’m gonna start a riot”
Louis Head, standing on top of a car: 00:18 “Burn this shit down”

Later on, Mr. Head said, in what must be presumed to be an apology "I screamed out words that I shouldn't have screamed in the heat of the moment."
This case was never taken to trial because it's a "high bar" to prove to a jury that Mr. Head's words actually caused any rioters to act. So there's that.

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Comic transcript

This is the inside front cover of the The Lax Team Sex Scandal. Along with a thanks for reading comics, the indicia says that the comic was published in 2016 and that it is a work of satire. Any similarities between real institutions, people, or events and the contents of this comic book are coincidental except for the purpose of satire. This is the first issue of approximately 10 or 15 more to come. Please visit our twitter page @CFG_Comics for more information. Also, the character of Chuck Chandler / Crimebuster was originally created by Charles Biro.

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