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Post or Die Again

Keeping to a weekly schedule. I was just about to settle down with brewskis and the movie "Zuu-topeeya", the one about predators vs. prey, you know the one, it posits an unbelievable world that falls apart more every time you think about it?

I was about 13 minutes in, and I'd turned the sound off while the rabbit put in her earphones and listened to the song "Try Everything" when I remembered I had to post. What, so the train has to circle the entire city before getting to the station?

Re-reading the manga Bakuman again it's a good read. They discuss trying, a lot. Trying to draw better, trying to write better. They wanted to inspire, I think, as well as entertain. But then again, maybe baseball players are inspired when they read baseball manga.

Anyway, please enjoy this weeks' new page. Did you know you don't have to wait around for a new page every week? It's true! You can buy a copy of the paper version of this comic right now!

Comic transcript

Three cops surround the sergeant on the scene where Crimebuster has narrowly prevented a riot. One cop asks "Hey Sarge, why is this superhero guy getting the red carpet treatment?" Another cop asks "Yeah, and what's up with the monkey?"

The sargeant responds "Believe it or not, that kid's in the F.B.I." A cop points disbelievingly at Crimebuster, who meanwhile is hoisting his monkey Squeeks onto his arm. "Him?"

The Sergeant's eyes dim momentarily with memories of a long-gone time. He says to the police, while trying to conjure up images from old pictures, "My grandfather told me stories about this kid, or someone a lot like him. When Granddad was on the force, this was back around world war 2, he worked with this kid called Crimebuster. A real whiz kid at solving crimes."

Back to reality in a second, the police officer asks the Sergeant "The situation is pretty volatile, Sarge. Do we really want this kid in town and causing trouble?" The Sergeant replies "That's the thing. I just got a call from the prosecutor in charge of this case. When I told him Crimebuster was here, he flipped out!"

Crimebuster and Squeeks approach the gathered officers. One cop says "Hey Sarge. Here he comes." Crimebuster says "Hi, Officers! What's up?"

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