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Year of the Fire Monkey

In 2012, I read, somewhere, after an election there are people who say (once the winner has been determined) "I knew it all along."

This was fresh after a President Barack Hussein Obama win. I had hopes that Romney would do better than he did, but he sure didn't, and then I heard a bunch of different people talking in the assured voice that "They knew it all along."

The 2016 election's phrase seems to be "Year of the Fire Monkey". It combines the monkey sign of the Chinese zodiac with "Fire", which is an element that recurs every five years along with metal, water, wood, and earth. 1776 was a year of the monkey this was followed by 1836, when Martin Van Buren won and the Whig party was defeated. I don't think that the 1836 election set the stage for the Civil war yet the Whig's platform of expanding Federal government power that reigns supreme over the states was eventually adopted by the Republicans in 1980 onward and the democrats from 1992 onward. Indeed, the Cooper vs. Aaron supreme court decision in 1958 said that the states had to do whatever the Federal government wanted.

This page here, 22, is the end of the story in issue one of Crimebuster and The Lax Team Sex Scandal. Go ahead and buy the book now!

Comic transcript

The sun is setting, and Mikey Fong, Durham's District Attorney, is watching it from his office. While the room grows dark, Mikey talks to himself about the day's events. He says "Crimebuster is the last thing we need in Durham. This town has problems enough without some idiot in a cape making a nuisance of himself. "

"Most people think this little lady is lying about getting raped."

Mikey pauses, and thinks. Then he replies to himself, "That's because most people are racist."

As if someone asked "Why do you think that is?", Mikey says "She's got no reason to lie. In fact, because she's black, she's got even more of a reason to tell the truth."

Mikey sits silently as the shadows creep in. He adds, "Besides, women don't lie about being raped."

The shadows deepen, and the room becomes dark. Mikey smiles to himself, as the last light of the daystar goes below the horizon.

He whispers "I'll show all these racists what justice is."

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