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Crimebuster Fun Facts - All about the Main Character

Though I suppose technically this isn't "All about" Crimebuster. At least, this page is. I found the font for "Fun Facts" somewhere, it's from the 1920s, I believe. That's right, there was this lettering instruction book I found on, one of the Twitter comic people I follow had posted it. Then I got all hot and bothered about using ancient fonts.

The original version of the comic filled this space with a two-page story I'd drawn for a comic called "Gh0st St0r13s fr0m the 1ntern3t." It was a brief story from someone in Thailand about a ghost in a movie house. It ended up that a woman in the movie house threw away a used tampon, but missed the garbage can. She looked back and saw a old female licking the blood off of the tampon. She ran out, then came back in with her friend but there was no one there. Later on the woman was diagnosed with leukemia, and they decided that the old lady was a ghost vampire. Apparently Thailand has a bunch of different types of ghosts and a unique cultural view of menstruation.

Anyway that story was way too different for #1 of Crimebuster, so I took it out and replaced it with the above page. But I figured out that that's probably how a lot of backup stories get into comics, out of a pressing need to fill space at all costs.

Comic transcript

Crimebuster Fun Facts!

Real Name: Chuck Chandler

Age: 18

Nationality: American

Race: Caucasian

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 190

Favorite Movie: Mean Streets

Residence: New York City

Hobbies: Boxing

Currently Reading: FMFM 0-7, "Close Combat and Hand-to-Hand Fighting", US Marine Corps PCN 139 000020 00

Associates: J. Loover, Executive Assistant Director, Special Branch, F.B.I.
Dorothy Dorn, daughter of USN Admiral Dorn

Pets: "Squeeks", a 3 year old white-headed capuchin monkey

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