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Got this one done early

That's right, I usually post much later at night but today was a holiday and I set-to at 3:00.

As of this moment, two people are in my apartment repairing the plumbing. Not my plumbing; the plumbing of the guy who lives upstairs. They had to cut a hole in my bathroom ceiling; apparently water had been dripping from a hidden pipe for several years, and getting into the plaster. As you remember from a couple weeks ago, the guy upstairs disappears from his apartment and his dog gets so bored it howls and barks the entire night.

I gotta say, it is extremely, extremely nice of me to let them do this. The apartment owner came by this morning at 9:30, as I was trying to sleep. The two plumbers were with him. Through a thick accent one of them said "I can get this done today." I said "How long would it take? A two hour job?" He said "No, four hours." So I got drilling and cutting and banging. They came by at 1:00. Great, so if they finish on schedule they will leave at 5:00.

Anyway. The page above is my way of begging for letters and correspondence. I suppose that I should have included a reference to the website; however, people can go to the twitter feed and find the website by clicking on my profile. However, that is not making it easy for people; the harder something is, the more steps, the more people will bail out. I'll remember that for issue #3.

It's not like I owe the guy upstairs any favors. I don't owe his landlord any favors either. I am being extremely nice, I just want to point that out. Ah well. Also I can't take a dump while they're working, I'll have to go outside.

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Dear Readers:

This is your page. In every issue of THE LAX TEAM SEX SCANDAL, this page will be devoted entirely to your opinions, ideas, and suggestions.

The writer of each letter reprinted here will receive $2.00. Letters must be limited to 140 characters or less.

Here’s your chance to make yourself heard. Your letters may be read by millions. Let’s have those letters!


Address your letters with the hash tag “#CFG” or send them as a direct message to @CFG_Comics on Twitter.

Or visit us at!

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