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One Last Week Until That Guy Finally Leaves

At this moment in time, it seems like President Barack Hussein Obama's term is really dragging out, like his fans want to milk his presidency as long as they can, and savor every bit of the fact that "against all odds, their president won two difficult elections against very strong Republican candidates and then went on to completely transform the United States into an economic powerhouse that's open to the world and has fairness and equality and free healthcare and no bigotry at all".

Heck, he will remain in Washington DC so he can continue to smile and let the media and celebrities milk him. He's got a lot more milk left in him.

Anyway, it just seems like the time's been dragging, is all. Next week will come soon enough. In the meantime, the upstairs neighbor's dog is barking at nothing because it's bored as shit, its owner has disappeared for days.

This week we're up to page seven. No blood yet. A nice close-up of Loover. And yeah, look at that silhouette in the second panel. It looks like there's a guy hunched over in pain because his stomach's swollen up. Norman Maurer sneaks these weird shapes into his silhouettes and I'm pretty sure that he meant to do it.

Comic transcript

Loover looks suddenly at his watch as the three oil men depart his F.B.I. office. "Five to two!" He exclaims, "I've got to make tracks! I'm supposed to address the new graduating class over at the police school!" He glances at Crimebuster and adds "Like to come along?"

Crimebuster answers "Police graduation exercises? You bet!"

A police chief is handing out diplomas to happy police school graduates. "Thomas Neilson!" he says.

Thomas steps up in his police uniform - he's that same kid who left Bright Hills Orphanage ten years ago! The chief pins a gold badge on him and says "I'm glad to see you stepping into your dad's shoes, Nielson! He held off resigning until you came along... just so that he could pass his badge along to you! Congratulations!"

Loover, the F.B.I. man, addresses the new officers. "I'd like to ask you new men to be particulary [sic] on the alert in regard to the gasoline black market."

In an aside, I add "seventy years in the future there's a huge gasoline black market in Mexico after the Mexican government stopped subsidizing low gasoline prices! "

Loover continues: "Thousands of gallons of gas are being stolen from dealers and then later sold on the black market! We've got to locate that leak! When you're on your beat, keep a sharp lookout for any suspicious activities around gas stations! Follow up the slightest clue! You'll be doing your city and your country a great service by apprehending the criminals responsible for this new racket!"

A graduating officer does a deep tongue kiss on a hot redhead lady with big boobs and a red dress in the background while Tom's adoptive father puts a fatherly arm around his adopted son and says "Tom, I'm proud of you!"

Tom replies "Golly, dad, I'm the one that's proud! Imagine being given your badge to wear! That's a real honor! Let's go home and celebrate!"

At their house, Tom's father fumbles with the front door keys on the landing. Tom says "What's the matter, dad? You act nervous! Here, let me open the door!"

The door opens, and there are a dozen or so people inside wearing gay conical hats, yelling SURPRISE. Tom says "Wha?"

Tom grabs his father's coat by the lapels and humorously wags a finger in his father's face, saying "Why you old so-and-so! You sure fooled me plenty! I never guessed!" Tom's father happily replies "There's one more suprise, Tom! I was finally able to locate your brother Joe, just in time for the party! He's in the next room!"

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