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Brand New President

Note: for the next couple of weeks we'll be looking at a classic Crimebuster story written by Charles Biro and drawn by Norman Maurer. If you want to see the all-new Crimebuster story The Case of the Lacrosse Rape Hoax, go on and click! Issue #2 will start up online in February 2017!

It's been a long time coming, but finally I can say that Barack Hussein Obama can't write any more executive orders, because a different guy is President now. Phew. Very long time coming indeed. The "Disparate Impact" executive orders honked me off the most. Maybe. He did a lot of stuff I did not agree with, so it's possible there's somethign this guy did that honked me off even more.

Well, this week's page doesn't have a lot going on. Two old chums talking. A circular panel in the middle of the page. Gee, one really doesn't see circular panels very much. They break up the potential monotony of rectangular panels, but as far as time or action goes, the circular panel doesn't have a fixed function.

Although, upon consideration, i will say that in this particular page, this circular panel appears as a scene change first the police officer is talking with an older dude, and in the next scene he's twirling his billy and walking down the street. The interim panel has him working on a device of some sort. That's interesting, maybe the circular panel is a good way to change scenes in the middle of a page.

Comic transcript

Tommy, newly graduated Officer from the Police Academy, extends his hand towards a brother he hasn't seen for ten years. "Joe! Gosh!", he exclaims, "This is wonderful! Everything special is happening today! Let me look at you!"

Joe is smoking a butt, and coolly regards his brother. "Swell to see you, Tom!" Though his voice doesn't reflect it. "So you made the police force today! Congratulations!"

Tom strokes his chin and says "It's funny to see you all grown up! I keep thinking of you as a kid! You look as if you're doing pretty well! Black suit -- You must be in the chips!"

Tom exhales a cloud of smoke. "I do all right." Black suits are expensive in this time period because of the extra cost of the dye, as well as the expense of not only keeping it clean but also preventing the dyes from fading.

Snapping out of his reverie, Tommy says "Hey! What kind of a host am I? Come on over and have some punch and meet my friends!" Joe flicks an ash into the fireplace. "Some other time, Tom! I've really got to shove off! I just wanted to stop by and congratulate you! Have an important business date to keep!"

Tom sees Joe out the front door. Tom's hands clasp behind his back, a gesture he hasn't used in years. Tom says "I'm sorry as heck that you can't stay longer! Where can I reach you so we can get together for a real long talk!"

Joe replies "I kind of move around! It'll be easier for me to get in touch with you! Well, so long, Tom."

Tom goes inside and talks with his adoptive father about the five-minute conversation he had with a brother he hadn't seen for a decade. "Too bad Joe couldn't stay longer! How did it feel to see him again?" asks his father.

"Kinda funny, like meeting a stranger!" says Tom, "We'll have to get together when he has more time! I guess I'd better turn in now! Got to be on my toes for my first day on the force! Goodnight, Dad, and thanks for a swell party!"

Dressed in his officer uniform, Tom fiddles with a box attached to a lamppost. I want to say, in this time period, maybe this box had some kind of function associated with the police, like maybe Tom's writing down something, or recording where he's been on his foot patrol. I don't rightly know.

Tom walks down a street, twirling his billy. He sees another man, in the street, going into a manhole next to a "Men at Work" sign. "Hi! ...Nice morning!" says Officer Tom. The man in the manhole replies "Yeah!"

Tom blinks. He recognizes his brother. "Hey! Hey, Joe!" he calls. Joe does not respond, but goes into the manhole.

Tom stands over the manhole and calls down "Hey, Joe! It's your brother, Tom!" Officer Tom thinks to himself "Darn it! Guess he didn't hear me... Or maybe he's ashamed! I'll go down and find out!"

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