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Cat on My Lap

Note: for the next couple of weeks we'll be looking at a classic Crimebuster story written by Charles Biro and drawn by Norman Maurer. If you want to see the all-new Crimebuster story The Case of the Lacrosse Rape Hoax, then please click the highlighted text, and thank you! Issue #2 will start up online in February 2017!

My cat, Ra-hotep, greatly enjoys sitting on laps. Almost as much as he enjoys licking plastic bags. And headbutting my fingers away from the keyboard. So this will be a short blog post. Finally, some action in the comic! Let's see how Norman Maurer handles an action sch\ee scene.

Comic transcript

Tommy, the policeman, has followed his estranged brother Joe down the manhole. He sees the darkened figure of his sibling and calls out "Joe! It's me, Tom! What's the matter, kid? It's not that you're ashamed of your job, is it? Heck, work's work as long as you earn an honest dollar!"

Joe starts like a guilty thing. "Hi, Tom!" he stutters, "Yeah, that's it! You know how some people look down on this kinda work! I didn't want ya to know!"

Tommy puts a brotherly hand on his brother's shoulder. We see two men in the background, drilling into a large tank. "Gee, kid" says Tom, "You should know I wouldn't be like that! After all, I'm your brother! What is it you do? Can I see?" Joe immediately replies "You better not, Tom! The boss might come along, or something!"

Tom is not dissuaded. "Aw, give me a look! I've never really seen what it's like in one of these manholes! Sure smells gassy! Hey, what are those guys doin'?" Joe's dander is up and he spits "Just fixin' somethin'! You better go, Tom!"

Tom comes closer to the men drilling by the single bulb. He reads a sign on the tank "Caution Gasoline Inflammable". Tom says "A gas storage tank of the garage across the street! Just what's going on here!" The man with the drill looks up, his mouth open in shock.

Tommy turns to Joe, sternly. "Now I get it! You're swiping gas! You, my brother in a racket like this!" The second man, who wears a green suit with a green porkpie hat, yells out "A cop! For pete's sake, Joe, are you crazy lettin' a cop walk in on us?"

The green man pulls out his "Gat" and points it at the police man. He says "Joe's brother or not! You ain't gettin' outta here alive!" Joe steps up, yells "Don't shoot, you crazy fool! You'll blow us all up! One spark from that gun and we'll all be dead!"

The green man looks at Joe, astonished. In that instant, Tommy runs and grabs the green man by the legs! The green man drops his "gat!"

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