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If the Political is Personal, then So is Political Violence

Note: for the next couple of weeks we'll be looking at a classic Crimebuster story written by Charles Biro and drawn by Norman Maurer. If you want to see the all-new Crimebuster story The Case of the Lacrosse Rape Hoax, then please click the highlighted text, and thank you! Issue #2 will start up online in February 2017!

Clarification: it is not okay to punch a Nazi if he or she is just standing there, not doing anything but talking. It's even less okay to punch a Nazi if they aren't even a Nazi, if on several public occasions they have said that they aren't Nazis. In other words, if you think someone's a Nazi, and you think it's okay to punch them, you're wrong.

Previously, in America, this was an obvious concept and didn't need to be clearly stated, but some people out there are very, very sore losers. And also stupid. And their parents didn't teach them correctly. The ability to say something that someone else doesn't like is necessary to the American civilization. And some of these sore losers, they think that being able to regulate speech should also mean being able to regulate thoughts.

I don't know. America is periodically gripped by madness. The Salem Witch Hunts were the first. Then the Civil War. Then the Eighteenth Amendment. I hope this isn't one of those times; I hope that acting like a moronic un-American fool is a passing fad, and goes away like mustache wax.

In this week's page, we get some more action! Wow, is there some action! And Crimebuster shows up, too! Boy, oh boy!

We can also see how Norman Maurer used the circular panel again; this time it mirrors the energy in the panel directly above it. This is the second time the circular panel has been used to help illustrate a scene change. Huh. I might try that in the comic I'm working on now.

Jeepers, it looks like that guy is beating that cop to death with a pipe wrench! I can't believe it!

Comic transcript

"Take that, you lousy copper!" says the thug as he clobbers Tommy from behind with a pipe wrench. Tommy's skull makes a wet cracking sound; the iron has shattered some bone, and Tommy goes down.

The man in the green suit gets up, and he and the thug stare at Joe. The man in the green suit says "Of all the stupid #XX??@!! dumb things to do! To bring your flatfoot brother down here! Now whadda we gonna do with him? He'll bust this racket wide open if he ever gets outta here!"

Joe can't show weakness. He snarls back "Quit blamin' me! I tried to duck him an' he followed me down here! Do whatever ya want to do to him -- I don't care!"

There is silence. The man in the green suit whispers "Ya don't care whether we knock your own brother off?"

Joe answers, taking it down a notch, "Lookit, I ain't seen the guy for fourteen years till last week! He ain't no concern of mine! He'd sock me behind bars if he could... so it's him or me!" The thug smiles and grips his pipe wrench. He says in a low voice "Okay, Joe, if that's how you feel, I'll take care of him! You go up above and keep a lookout!"

The sounds echo in the dusty concrete cave. Shoes climbing up a metal ladder. A pipe wrench smashed on flesh, the tiny metal corners ripping, the weight of the pipe breaking bones in a jagged rhythm.

The thug creeps back up the ladder and says "Okay let's go! Everything's all set for tonight and that copper won't give us no more trouble!"

Later, in a police radio room, the Sergeant gives an order to the operator, and says "Tell all cars to be on the lookout for Patrolman Neilson! He failed to complete his tour of duty!... I can't understand it! He seemed like a reliable man, but I'm afraid it's a case of neglect... No indication of any trouble on his beat!"

Crimebuster and Loover are in an office, listening to a police radio. The sound comes out, staticky and monotone: "Calling all cars... be on lookout for Patrolman Neilson! Failure to complete tour of duty! Made last call box report from Vine and Brock street at 11 A.M.!

Crimebuster is thinking, then says "Neilson... that name is familiar! Why sure, he's the young rookie who was given his father's badge!" Loover assents, remembering: "He didn't strike me as being an irresponsible type!"

Crimebuster checks his watch. "Look! He's been gone eight hours! I've got a hunch he's in trouble! I'd like to take over his beat and see if I can't stumble on a clue of some sort! Do you think you could fix it up for me? Uniform and all!"

Loover considers whether he has the power to do something like this, and then says "Why... I guess so. Go ahead and phone Captain Regan and tell him you're on your way over!"

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