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I think what makes this picture affecting is that it's a good introduction to the main character. Will Eisner spent a good amount of time in his book about comics explaining how posture, and visual relationships between figures, can define a character and advance a story. Up is powerful, big, victorious. Down is weak, small, defeated.

In this shot, we see that Crimebuster is above the three ... let's call them ne'er-do-wells. Poor guys. Some of them are, or were, addicted to meth-amphetamines. A typical comic shot like this in a typical superhero comic would show the triumphant hero standing and all the bad guys knocked silly. Here, though, we see that three men are lying face down, and some of them are conscious, and all of them have their hands bound behind their back. To me, it's almost a story in itself how a single man can put restraints onto three resisting suspects, but Crimebuster has pulled it off.

There's also the mystery of the tire iron. What's it doing there? Too late, the story's already started!

Comic transcript

A silent panel in the print version of the comic (now available for purchase), this appears as a two page spread.

We are in a trailer park. Faded letters on an RV tell a story of a vehicle that's been there a long time. Under a "roof" formed by the space below the trailer hitch are two chairs, meant for two people to sit in and talk, their upholstery faded and beaten up from being out in the weather.

In the center of the panel, three very large men lie still in restraints, their hands cuffed behind their back. In the far distance a man lies on his back, his arms and legs splayed. Nearby him there is blood, and a chair lies in pieces.

Crimebuster, woozy from a difficult fight, stands up and dials his cell phone in his right hand. A white and brown capuchin monkey looks on, peeking out from his protected spot at Crimebuster's feet.

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