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Beginning of Issue Two

Hello, and welcome again to Comics for Grownups, where I'll be bringing you issue two, weekly, of the great comic book "The Lax Team Sex Scandal", a satire about the 2006 rape case that shocked the entire nation. That's right, I said weekly installments. Totally gonna do this.

At the current time I am working on issue #4 and boy does it steam me that it takes me a year to do a single issue. That steams my clams. I'm thinking about ways to do this faster; what I would like is a grant of $50,000 to cover a year's living expenses; I figure I can definitely make one of these every two months, if not monthly.

And that's like winning the lottery. A lot of my schemes are basically equivalent, I've found, to winning the lottery, and that's never going to happen with art. Hard work must precede success, and that's just how it is. I'll keep working.

Boy oh boy, it's six months and the media companies and the Democrat party have yet to present the citizens of the United States with any solid evidence that Donald Trump was aided, or abetted or helped in any way doing anything by the Russian government. And yet we still have monickers like "Donald Putin Trump" and stuff like that. It's really odd; "cognitive dissonance" seems to be the best way to explain it, that people who were assured Hillary Clinton would become the first female president also felt that they were the smartest people ever and understood politics. When Donald Trump won, they found themselves unable to let go of the belief that they were the smartest and best politics-understanders ever. They couldn't be wrong; therefore there had to be something that happened. Anyway Scott Adams explains it better.

Every week. I'm working on issue four right now and what I need is what's called a "buffer". Also called a "booger". This is where I have content to add to this website each week; and so I don't run out of things to post. Ugh. I hope that doesn't happen.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Last Friday it was the first Friday in Lent; this friday I'd been drinking with co-workers. I will begin the Friday Post Schedule again, please bear with me.

Comic transcript

The Case of the Lax Team Sex Scandal, issue #2, shows an alarmed Crimebuster and his pet monkey Squeeks leaping out of the way of an enraged group of college lacrosse players. A caption on the cover reads "Look out, Crimebuster!"

What's everyone so angry about? Why are they after Crimebuster? Stop by next Friday night, and find out!

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