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Part Two Begins

Attended a shindig today run by the other people who live in the building. Then I remembered that I'm trying to post something every Friday from issue 2 of the Case of the Lax Team Sex Scandal.

I'm excited about bringing this comic to the Motor City Comic Con in 2017, where I'll have an artist alley table representing Comics for Grownups (look for the company name, not for my name. I'm in an orange shirt).

Please enjoy this week's installment, picking up minutes from where the last issue picked up.

Comic transcript

Crimebuster looks at the off-campus residence rented by several members of the Baron University Lacrosse team. A capuchin monkey named Squeeks is perched on his shoulder. Days previously, a stripper had accused three males of rape, and this is the location of the crime. It is March, but the weather is warm. The sky is a dull blue-green.

A comic caption at upper right reads as follows:

The Place: Durham, XX.
What's happening: Acting on orders from the F.B.I., Crimebuster visits the House where three white lacrosse players from Baron University are accused of raping a black stripper.
Crimebuster's mission: Protect the innocent, punish the guilty!

Crimebuster and Squeeks look at the house. Crimebuster sees the porch. Squeeks sees a second-story window. Crimebuster says "Well, Squeeks, without the police's help, I don't know if I can get the Lacrosse team to talk."

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