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In Cruise Mode

I started my vacation today. Going to not be at work for the next ... nine or so days. Not bad. I'm thinking about testing some new theories of motion comics. Like, is there a way to present a three dimensional motion using the primitive tools available in MotionArtist?

Now I've got days to work on that. Also I can keep working on my comic.

I also wanted to play Starcraft 2, figure out how to make ravagers...

Otherwise, at the current moment, my kitchen sink is being repaired and I must use the bathroom sink to clean my dishes. And I must remember not to dump the cats' water dish into the kitchen sink like I do every morning.

One other thing I wanted to do is write an article about a pre-Civil war phenomenon amongst the young people called "The Wide-Awakes". I'll try to make that happen.

Comic transcript

Squeeks the Capuchin Monkey jumps quickly off of Crimebuster's shoulder and knuckles over to the off-campus house where the rape was alleged to have occured. Crimebuster says "Hey! Where are you going?" to Squeeks in an annoyed voice.

Squeeks climbs up the ornate grillwork on the house's front porch. Crimebuster calls his name again, but Squeeks doesn't listen.
Squeeks goes to an open window on the second floor, and looks back, squinting. A caption reads "Crimebuster's mischevious monkey &quotSqueeks&quot is up to his old naughty tricks! He climbs into the lacrosse team's house like he owns the place."

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