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Working on More Motion Comics

I was on vacation this week and I had some time to try some more stuff with Motion Artist. This is a very quirky program, with a lot of controls, and there's a lot to learn. Like I said elsewhere, I think the story really has to work hard in so-called "motion comics" because otherwise it's just animation.

And you know what? I'm still unsure if motion comics have what it takes. The attached is a thirty-second affair. I think it's easy enough to watch. But how much can a human take of something liek this? What if it was two minutes? Or five? Maybe the best that can be done with motion comics is to make promotional videos for them that might entice people to buy the comics.

I guess I'm not in the greatest mood. I brought one of my cats to and from the vet for a teeth cleaning, the cat's groggy, the weirdo who lives upstairs is having some kind of a party.

Anyway. Well, the guy upstairs's party appears to have stopped. It was going on all day, it seemed like. Oh right, and I got into a political argument with my Lyft driver. He'd said "And was Hillary Clinton indicted?" And then cupped his hand to his ear, expectantly. Ha ha, super funny. I immediately said "No, she has not been indicted." This is true, she hasn't.

Then I asked "But can you tell me why, if Hillary Clinton committed no wrongdoings when she deleted 30,000 emails, did she make multiple false exculpatory statements?"

Progressive liberal globalists do not want to answer this question. They have no answer, is my suspicion. So they pretend they don't hear it, or they pretend they don't understand it. It speaks to the incompetence of congress, though, that they couldn't put her in jail.


Comic transcript

We see several members of the Baron University Lacrosse team discussing the recent events, where a black stripper they had recently employed accused several members of the team of raping her in a bathroom. The captain of the team is addressing everyone and saying "Okay team, I wanted to thank everyone for submitting DNA samples like the cops asked." In the window, for a second, we see a flash of a monkey's tail. A monkey's tail?

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