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One Week Late - on Florida Time

Hey everybody! How are you doing? I'm doing swell. Last week I ended up going to visit my dad in Florida and so last Friday I wasn't able to post anything. I hope that's cool.

Otherwise things are okay. I am one-pointed and thinking about the Motor City Comic Con 2017 which I will attend in almost a month from this very date. Now, I don't mean to pick nits or anything, but one of the things I read by a dude who attended last year, I think, was that he said the people in Artists Alley were squashed together to the extent that he ended up having to step over other peoples' stuff on the way to the toilet. Okay blocked entry to the toilet is just one claim made by one man, yes, but if true. If true, that's a no-no and I will certainly be calling the people at Suburban Collections Showcase to complain. Because A) that sounds like a big old fire hazard waiting to happen and also B) that's a bad user experience.

This will be my first convention since 1995 when I attended Dave Sim's Spirits of Independence. Hey, my name's not on there! Dammit! That's annoying! I sat right across from Rick Veitch. I think I sold one book. Anyway, that was a different time. Now, 22 years later, I'll be much better prepared.

Comic transcript

The students in the off-campus lacrosse house are together discussing the recent events after a woman they'd hired as a stripper accused them of kidnapping and rape. One guy, #56 says "I can't believe this is happening. I just want to get back to playing lacrosse."

Another lacrosse player, this one #46, he says "Yeah, this is bizarre. It's like the whole town's gone nuts."

The player #32 butts in and calls out to the team captain "41, I heard one of the coaches at practice talking about canceling our season! Is that true?"

This new development shocks the gathered team members. In one questioning and shocked voice, they together yell out WHAAAAT??!!?!?

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