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Political Fighting

Yeah, there was more fighting this week. This time, following up on a march on Berkeley, a bunch of "antifascist" dudes in Alabama attempted to prevent Richard Spencer from speaking. Nationalists were not having any of that. Nor were the police, who required the "antifascist" dudes to unmask.

It's annoying annoying because these buttholes with the black masks are literally trying to prevent people from speaking. They're asking to get beat up, and there are lots of people willing to oblige. Why are the "antifascists" being so dumb about this?

What I think is important to remember is that the streetfights that went on during the transition from Weimar Germany to NSDAP Germany were against the background of mass joblessness and thousands of Germans uncomfortably close to starvation. We've got some problems in America but our citizenry is not as desperate as the Germans were. Yet poltiical violence is beginning to plague us. Why?

And now my cat is yowling and I must play with it.

Also I noticed I wrote "canceling" instead of "cancelling" in the comic. Yet neither version of this verb form of "cancel" is triggering my spell check. I guess both versions are acceptable.

Comic transcript

41, captain of the Baron University lacrosse team, addresses the team en masse in answer to their question (will the season be cancelled because of the rape accusation?). #41 spreads his arms and says "Now fellows, cancelling the LAX season is a possibility, but that's all it is right now, just a possibility!

#41 looks urgently at the team and adds "So let's tough it out, because we're Baron lacrosse and we're the best!"

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