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Perspectives on Perspective

Hi again, it's Friday and I'm posting. This week I looked real hard and realized that I screwed up the perspective on this, badly. I am embarrassed. The thing is, that the lines are going to meet where the eye level of the viewer is. So in the first panel, presumably the viewer is at the eye level of the two dudes in front. But then what, are they sitting on the floor? Their heads are below #41's crotch. Look at where the lines of the room corner meet up.

Then look at panel two. We're closer up on #41 and we're pointed downwards. Still we have the impression that #41 is like nine feet tall. The room lines meet up at his eye level but unless he's two heads taller than the two men he's speaking to, their eyes should also be at or around the horizon level unless we're pointing the camera downwards. But in that case we should see more of their bodies and their heads should still be at the same level as #41.

And then here we are at panel three. Ugh. I feel really bad about this. It's a wide shot. The seven guys grouped together in the background are about the same height, but that couch they're sitting on is badly misshapen. Okay but then look at the guy in the blue shirt in the front. Aargh. What, he's two feet tall? What I meant when I was drawing this was for the guy in the blue shirt to be around the same height as the guys in the background he is, but the perspective is so bad he's at or below everyone else's knee level.

Some days I notice these things. I am getting better, I really am but I need to do much better than this. If I ever do a second printing of this issue I will fix all of the perspective mistakes. I apologize to you, my audience.

Comic transcript

41, having just informed his fellows on the lacrosse team that the season may be cancelled because of the recent accusation, espies movement through a door, and he pauses.

His eyes flash to #20 in the room and he asks "20 - do you believe in ghosts?" #20, used to strange questions from his lacrosse captain, responds "No 41, I don't."

With rising alarm in his voice, #41 points at a moving gray blob on the floor that looks like a sheeted ghost, and asks, non-rhetorically, "Then what the fucking shit is that?" The whole team turns, open-mouthed, to see what #41 is referring to.

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