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Entitlements for Everybody

It's not surprising that, when the American people are given an entitlement by the government (for example, health insurance no matter how insanely expensive your pre-existing condition is), the American people are loath to have it taken away. "All of the children will die immediately if Obamacare is taken away!" they yell, shaking their fists.

Republican law-makers, lacking spine and gumption even on the best of days, quaver in fear at the prospect of being portrayed by the media in an unfavorable light. "Sure, we ran on repealing Obamacare for the last eight years but we never expected we'd actually have to do it!"

Despite having had eight years to develop a sane plan for the repeal of Obamacare, they were caught utterly by surprise in November 2016. Now, in May 2017, they decided instead to call the Affordable Care Act by a different name, e.g. The Affordable Health Care Act. The same entitlements for everyone, the same root causes of skyrocketing premiums. They've made everyone unhappy, which is quite a feat.

And the Republican law-makers passed that mess of a budget, too. 1,665 pages funding every item on the Democrat wish list. I looked at the voting totals: every single Democrat voted for that budget. Only twenty Republicans voted against it.

I'd heard that the law was an ass, but I didn't believe it. I'm starting to. The theory that the Democrats and the Republicans are basically the same party makes a certain amount of sense.

Also I noticed another perspective mistake in panel 2. The left wall of the trophy case is lots longer than it needs to be. This extended the length of the carpet.

Comic transcript

As the gathered lacrosse players watch, a gray sheet creeps down the hallway towards them. Is it a ghost?

Two players step forward to look more closely. A tiny brown hand poked out from beneath the gray sheet.

Suddenly a furry head pops up from beneath its cover. It's Crimebuster's pet capuchin monkey, Squeeks! Wearing his bellhop cap and carrying a ball!

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