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Skipping a Week!

If you read that headline, then you will know beforehand that I will not be posting a new strip on May 19 2017 The reason I won't be posting is because I'll be at the Motor City Comic Con in Novi, Michigan, saying hello to all the nice people and asking them to buy my comic book. I hope to see you there if you're not some kind of a weirdo.

I'm looking forward to it it should be a lot of fun. The people to whom I've showed my book have liked it, but they've been a selected audience. This will be the book's first time out in the wild. Granted, it'll be among comic book fans, and not on the street somewhere, so I like the possibilities of moving product and making sales.

I will return the week after that, and I'll pick up my post schedule once again.

Otherwise, I was thinking that art may be the best chance to change the existing culture; it's gotta be better than the equivalent of a Fort Sumter, at least.

Academia and the arts have been ceded, largely, to the left, and there are very few artists who are unabashedly pro-American and in favor of the traditions that made this country such a wonderful place to be. Television and movies are powerful, very powerful cultural influences, anyone can see that.

And they haven't been very American, not for a while. Especially not television, those weirdos.

Sabo is one artist, and Red Panels was another one (but he quit). There's that guy Ben Garrison, too, as well as Walt Bismark and there must be more (besides the guy who does Mallard Filmore).

Gee, all of these guys use HTTP instead of HTTPS, which google is starting to prefer. And I think the Mallard Filmore guy's site isn't mobile-friendly, either.

Comic transcript

Two of the lacrosse team members look at Squeeks, bewildered. One of them says "It's a monkey!" the other says "And he's got the 1997 game ball!"

Then we see the action from the perspective of Squeeks, the tiny capuchin monkey. He is surrounded by giants, all of them rumbling to each other and looking concerned. One of the giants raises his voice and squats, stretching out a huge hand in Squeeks' direction.

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