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Okay, well, last week was the Motor City Comic Convention, and it was surprising but ultimately beneficial. What is obvious to me now, but was not obvious before I went, was that when people go to a comic convention, what they want to do is dress up like Star Wars characters and look at professional cosplayers and purchase colorful prints made of their favorite superheroes.

What they don't want to do, or what most of them don't want to do, is take a closer look at a political satire comic that takes on contemporary race and sex issues with sharp-edged irony. I mean, a lot of people were taking their kids to the con on a Sunday, you know? There are a million things to look at, and all these funny people dressed up like Ash from Pokemon or whatever, and here's this guy sitting at a table with a comic with the word "rape" prominently on the cover. No sale.

Well, that's how people are I can't blame them for it. And it's surprising, how obvious this seems in retrospect, but before I went, I had no idea. I knew it'd be a tough sell, but I didn't know how tough. On the bright side, though, I did meet some interesting people and I was able to encourage them to visit my website. There is a market for my comic but family-friendly comic conventions aren't the most efficient place to hawk my comic, I don't think.

Anyway, if you stopped by my table, thanks! I re-wired the site and I hooked up a Disqus platform if you want to leave a message and let me know what you think. Comments are moderated just because there are a ton of spammers and trolls out there, but chime in! I'll leave the troll comments up if they make a good point.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Comic transcript

Squeeks, Crimebuster's pet monkey, does a spin move and races away from the lacrosse team as fast as he can. He is carrying one of the team's game balls from a championship game, and it bears a lot of sentimental value to the team, so they yell "WAAAGH!" and start chasing after Squeeks.

Two team members leap for Squeeks at once, but from opposite sides, and Squeeks leaps straight up in the air to avoid them. Their heads collide and make a coconut-like sound.

Several team members are undaunted and they continue the chase, but Squeeks seems faster than a greased pig struck by lightning. In frustration, one of the team members yells "Aarrgh! Get that monkey!" but he grabs only empty air!

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