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Posting Weekly

It's a little bit more tricky than I thought, he wrote on his blog, posting a new page of a comic every week. Oh, it's not coming up with material, I've already got two issues done and I can coast for many months on the page count I've accumulated.

Nope, instead it's the work of figuring out the CSS and the JS and the HTML and all the whoziwhatsis as my grandfather might say, and making sure that computers can read what's on my site and the experience is similar for browsers all over the world. That process is nowhere near as intuitive as making a comic.

I've been thinking about that. Making comics can be intuitive, and improvisational. It's about drawing rectangles on blank sheets of paper, after all. But stuff that's not, like the CSS and web publishing, right now, it's not improvisational. I think that's because I'm new to it. Perhaps after some months, all that stuff I have to spend time thinking about before I can web publish will become second nature, and it'll be easier to make stuff up "on the fly" and be improvisational. Maybe.

Comic transcript

Crimebuster calls his boss on the phone and tells him what's what in the book's first line of dialogue.

Crimebuster: Hiya Loover! This is Crimebuster. The meth dealers are all taken care of. Got any more work for me to do?

J.E. Loover, Crimebuster's avuncular boss, is startled but conversational. In the background we see the US Capitol Building visible from his office: Crimebuster! Good to hear from you. I'm surprised you got those crooks so soon! Did everything go all right?

Crimebuster, contemplatively: Their M.O. was killing all the other dealers in the area and taking over their customer lists. We had a little scrap, but it's over now and I've got the police on their way here.

Loover responds with uncommon enthusiasm: Great work! Now head on down to Durham, there's some unrest going on there. I'll email you a copy of the report.

Crimebuster hits the road in his car and we see the freeway. He's looking at his tablet and his eyes are wide with disbelief as he reads.

Crimebuster: ZOWIE! What a case!

In a caption, we read the following as we see a small, nondescript house in Durham come into view.

Caption: Durham, X.X., Home of Baron University and its #1 ranked lacrosse team, "The Screaming Angels." On 1640 XXXX street is an off-campus residence for college students on the lacrosse team.

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