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The Buffer

Well, it's been two weeks since the Motor City Comic Convention and I'm back to the "grind", as they say. Posting every Friday. I am glad of the opportunity to bring you new content every week, and I hope that you are convinced that the comic story you are reading right now is developing in a brisk and exciting matter.

Cuz there's been more stupid stuff in colleges. There's some college called Evergreen College, and a bunch of their students went back to nature, back to the law of the strong, unimpeded by law or common civility. Here is some of the stupid stuff that happened. Essentially, the whites were ordered off campus by blacks. Some whites refused, on the grounds that black students don't have the right to kick people off campus because of their race. This angered the black students. Having a bunch of people yell and shake their fists in your face isn't threatening, by the way, said the couple dozen blacks who yelled and shook their fists in peoples' faces.

Learning nothing at all from Previous Cases, the Professors and staff that supported race-based segregation went and published a letter about how great racial segregation is and also called out a specific Professor for sticking to his principles and refusing to leave.

That's how things go sometimes. Don't go to college. Don't pay for it.

Comic transcript

Squeeks, the capuchin monkey who is a pet of Crimebuster, holds onto the Baron University Lacrosse Team game ball and sprints forward in a serpentine motion through the legs of team member #92.

Team Member #47, who is chasing after Squeeks, yells out "92! He's on your fucking six!" But #92 reacts too slowly.

Then #92 is bowled over by other team members who are all chasing the monkey, including #41 the team captain and #87, who reaches to grab Squeeks as the little primate desperately tries to open the door to the outside - and freedom!

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