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Loud Weekend

Well, the weather warmed up, at least. But then that brought everyone out of their houses and into the streets. I heard some guy just now making a kind of sing-songy yell for 20 minutes. I had to shut the window. But then the upstairs neighbor has brought over a guest... urgh. I have to learn to let these things go. Yeah, on the bright side the upstairs neighbor isn't going to abandon his dog for the weekend and leave it to bark and howl.

That reminds me, I read a pretty interesting article by Joe Bob Briggs. He brought up a great point, that the statues in New Orleans which were removed were emblems of the South's grief over the lost war. They were removed to appease a crowd for political reasons and now we get to find out what emotion remains when a people aren't allowed their grief.

But enough of that historical stuff, huh? The big news this week is that James Comey admitted he was a huge doof. Oh right, and then some chick said that every woman who heard about what James Comey said (that Donald Trump asked him if he liked his job, and then Donald Trump said he hoped Mr. Comey could see his way clear to ending the Flynn investigation), she said every woman who heard that immediately thought about being sexually harassed.

Oh now really. Just what is the matter with you young women today? Is everything about you now? Is it?

Comic transcript

The lacrosse team charges after Squeeks the monkey, who has opened the front door but is still holding onto the championship game ball. Crimebuster, in the meantime, has walked up the steps outside and is about to knock at the exact same moment Squeeks has gotten the door open. "Whoah!" exclaims Crimebuster, in surprise.

Then he lithely dodges left, and the men on the lacrosse team narrowly miss running into Crimebuster. Squeeks, still holding the ball, hops onto Crimebuster's shoulder.

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