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Now They've Done it With The Political Violence Again

It's really strange. It seems to me, and yes I did not vote for Hillary Clinton, but it seems to me as if many of the people who did vote for her remain very butthurt about her loss in November to President Donald Trump. And because many people who work in the media and news fields supported Hillary Clinton, the level of dumb, butthurt, obstreperous opposition to the current President seems much bigger than it is.

And so, thanks to the media rather than any actions performed by the President, there is a continuous bongo loop of "He's not our President, he did something with Russia, he's illegitimate, he must be impeached", etc.

Most Americans, I would hazard, are centrist, slow to anger, and generally we know how good we have it and how terrible a civil war would be. It's the wackos, the fringy fringe guys, who are emboldened by the media and incited to action, like hitting people over the head with bicycle locks, or shooting at politicians. The American people aren't to blame.

Am I wrong? It's the jerks in the media, right? They're butthurt and they won't let it go. Anyway, here's this week's post.

Comic transcript

Crimebuster, having barely dodged the lacrosse team in their chase after his pet monkey Squeeks, waves in a friendly manner and says "Excuse me, fellahs! It seems my monkey found a lacrosse ball." Squeeks stares unblinking from Crimebuster's shoulder, licking his lips to indicate his stress from having been chased. Crimebuster continues, "Does it belong to you?"

The lacrosse players bestir themselves from the pile-up they made chasing after the monkey. The captain, #41, looks up and says "That's your monkey? He's got our championship ball!"

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