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Tough Crowd

One takes one's victories where one can get them. Today I went to the track, bet $4 on an exacta box and it came off, yielding $133. I spent about $30 of that on beer, hotdogs and water in between beers because it was hot out. Oh right, but then I got totally rooked. I bought, get this, a 20 ounce bottle of water and a small popcorn, and it cost $10.75. That's like movie price markup.

Then I came home and now it's time to post. Not a lot to say this week, sorry.

Actually I went to that so-called CAKE show in Chicago, where there are a bunch of independent comics and their respective artists. And there's a saying about not being able to say anything nice being a reason not to go into extreme detail. So this entry's short this week.

Comic transcript

Crimebuster looks up at Squeeks, the monkey on his shoulder, and relays the lacrosse team's question to it: "Squeeks? Is that true? Did you steal something?"

Squeeks meekly hops off Crimebuster's shoulder as Crimebuster's voice becomes more stern. Crimebuster says "Stealing is a no-no, Squeeks! Give it back right now and apologize!"

Squeeks proffers the pilfered lacrosse ball to the bewildered lacrosse team. One of them hesitantly reaches to accept it.

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