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Russian Meddling

The Democrats and the American media are together beating a drum called "Donald Trump and Russia Stole the Election from Beloved Hillary Clinton". When the media ratings on one scandal drop, the Democrats "find" some new thing to wheeze and complain about, and the media gleefully rebroadcasts their message. Probably during the 2020 election season there will be commercials about how "For four years, Donald Trump has not been able to escape allegations that the Russians helped him steal his Presidency."

In the latest wheeze, reporters and the Democrats are pounding their desks and telling us that Donald Trump's son met with a woman who said she had some juicy information on his opponent. Whooa! Opposition research? During a presidential candidacy? Whoooah! Hot scandal! He's finished for sure this time! Hearings! Congress! Treason!

It's pernicious, and deleterious to this democracy we have, for the media and the Democrat party to be constantly attacking the legitimacy of a sitting President. I don't know how this will end but I hope it ends with the Republic intact.

There is no law against a member of a presidential campaign sitting down with someone and listening to what they have to say. Maybe she had something good. Maybe she had a thumb drive full of the 33,000 emails that Hillary Clinton deleted. Whatever the reason, he gave her an interview. And then less than half an hour later he ended the interview when he realized she didn't have anything good.

The end.

Unless you're the media, and you were 100% in the tank for President Hillary Big Ass Clinton, in which case it's game on! Hey democrats, hey media, hey, dudes. Like I said, I hope it ends well for the Republic, but you are not making any friends at all while you are doing this stupid stuff.

My presumption is that there are enough die-hard Hillary Big Ass voters who feverishly dream of a first-term impeachment and who will greedily click on any and all rumors of an end to Donald Trump's presidency to maintain existing ad revenues for the media news companies. As long as that audience is around, it's not costing the media anything to run these stupid go-nowhere stories. That's what I think.


Comic transcript

The Lacrosse team captain #41 and his team mates stare at the strangely-dressed teen who calls himself Chuck Chandler. Him and his pet monkey. Sure, this guy helped get rid of an angry crowd that wanted to lynch them on the accusation of rape, but can he really be trusted?

#41 extends his hand to meet Crimebuster's. "Sure. My name's Ryan," he says, "I'm the Baron Lacrosse Team Captain, and these are my team members. Come on in and we'll jaw."

Ryan, a.k.a. #41, guides Chuck, a.k.a. Crimebuster, beneath the lintel and into their off-campus house.

"What's with the suit?" asks Ryan, "You play hockey?"

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