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One Reason for Immigration

Okay - something interesting from Steve Sailer, who posted on He suggested :

How can Target sell more toilet paper without Minnesota taxpayers paying to import the surplus population of the Mad Max zones of the Horn of Africa?

And I have to say, this is rational of big business. No, it's not rational for the average American, who has to deal with increased crime, increased job competition, more strain on social services, and depressed wages that come with large-scale immigration. But it does make sense for big businesses to promote immigration, because that will, necessarily, increase their customer base. Immigrants have way, way more children than the average American, too, which insures the growth of big businesses for the future as well.

This tied a few things up for me. Democrat politicians like immigrants because they tend to vote for increased social services and bigger government sizes. Republican politicians like immigrants, too, even though they don't say so. Y'see, businesses like to have a captive workforce that works for low wages and can't organize into unions, and big businesses give a lot of money to Republican politicians, so Republicans will run on decreased immigration (but not too loudly, though). Once they get into power, though, they won't actually do anything about decreasing immigration.

And now I see why big businesses will support immigration as well. They're increasing their customer base because they don't want to wait around for couples with an average 1.1 birth rate to get going.

For these reasons, America has witnessed an importation of no less than seventy million immigrants from Mexico, Asia, and Africa since 1965. Am I wrong? Well it's something to think about, isn't it?

Comic transcript

Crimebuster walks inside the off-campus lacrosse house where it was alleged that a black stripper was raped by three white students. Crimebuster is accompanied by his pet monkey Squeeks and several members of the lacrosse team.

While the lacrosse team players jostle for seats, Crimebuster answers #41's question, "Well, that's kind of why I'm here. I'm a special adjunct to the F.B.I. and I assist in criminal cases that result in civil unrest."

Crimebuster holds up a distinctive badge it is completely gold in color. There is an eagle on it, and the top says "Federal Bureau of Investigation." The bottom of the badge says "Department of Justice". Crimebuster shows this badge to the gathered students. He says "I took the name Crimebuster. The costume is a long story, but first, I'd like you to take down the information on my badge and verify it with the state F.B.I. office."

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