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Something New with the Layout

Okay, so I did some thinking. First of all, each of the three available issues of Case of the Lacrosse Hoax are available for sale. Why wait for me to post each week when you can buy your own copies and read them all in the same day? There is no good answer to that question.

Second of all, I need to keep a buffer between what I post on the web and what I am doing for issue number four. I don't want to not have good content waiting for my fans each week, but I also don't want to be cranking out a whole new page every week. My skills are still building up to that.

Third of all, posting one row of panels each week does provide new content every single Friday since June 2016, but it's more difficult for visitors to conceive of the story as it's being produced if they're only seeing two or three panels on each page.

So I hit upon this idea. The week's new content is visible. The previously posted content is faded out. This gives viewers a better idea of what's going on in the story. I'll go through and fix the other pages tomorrow probably, but I like this idea.

Comic transcript

41, captain of the lacrosse team, is quite agitated. He and his players have been accused of raping a black stripper. He responds to Crimebuster "Like we told the police, the strippers showed up and they left five minutes later! Nothing happened!"

#41 pauses and asks a question of his own. "So why is a guy from the F.B.I. here?"

#41, exasperated, stands over Crimebuster, who is sitting on the couch. Crimebuster calmly answers "My boss assigned me here because local citizens are up in arms, and it's hitting the national news. I'm not here to take anyone to jail, but I am here to make sure justice is done."

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