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This week, a bunch of millionaire athletes decided they would hijack a pre-game sportsball ritual. In this ritual, the national anthem was played, and the symbolism was that even though people present at the arena were from different cities and rooted for different teams, everyone was united by the flag, by their country.

And so this week a bunch of sports ball players decided they would spit on the ritual, and make the ritual about them and their personal grievances.

Their billionaire team owners weren't quite sure what to do. On the one hand it said clearly in the rules the players were supposed to stand respectfully on the field while the anthem was played. On the other hand, if the owners enforced their clear rules, their players would get their lawyers. The players would still be under contract for millions of dollars, but they would not be playing. They'd make the team look bad. On the other clasper, the fans of the game liked their country. They didn't like millionaire athletes telling them America was a moral failure, especially when they'd paid $100 a ticket.

Sportsball is a time honored tradition. It's been decades in this country. Even though the millionaire athletes are indeed hijacking the ritual and making it about them, there is a chunk of fanhood who is willing to ignore this. There's another chunk of fanhood who wants to bet on how well the teams do and participate in fantasy sportsball and doesn't care what happens during the anthem.

Ratings are dropping while the sportsball players are having their tantrums. The bottom line is being affected.

It looks as if the compromise will be that the players will stand and "link arms" to show solidarity, or "kneel" before the anthem and then stand and link arms.

Or it might go another way entirely.

Comic transcript

Crimebuster is walking through Baron campus, talking on a cellular phone with his girlfriend Dotty Dorn. It's a nice day. People on the campus see Crimebuster and his pet monkey Squeeks and they gape, awkwardly. A man close to us, on the left, is surprised at Crimebuster. A woman further away clutches her books and glowers. Another woman in a green shirt is yelling at Crimebuster about the patriarchy. A nerdy guy ion a blue shirt is calmly watching Crimebuster walk by. A fat guy in a tie-dye shirt with a mushroom on it (he's probably a stoner) is making a snide comment to his friend. Behind them, a black guy in a red cap glowers. Crimebuster is saying "About as well as could be expected. The bad guys went to jail. I just wish the scourge of meth could be dealt with so easily." On the phone, Dotty replies "I love when you talk all heroic like that."

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