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Russia Still

It's been almost one year and just about every single time I check the comments on an article (cuz I always read the comments) I'm seeing one, if not more, progressive globalist democrats writing something like "In an election that was clearly improperly interfered with by interested foreign parties."

They can't let it go. They are holding onto this "Russia" ghost like it was a lucky totem, a lucky Hillary foot. Weird. Sure, no evidence has cropped up after almost a year, except for, like, someone from Russia buying $300K of facebook ads... and even then, the left is saying stuff like "That bought ten million ads... that were shown to the right ten million people..."

I guess Scott Adams is right, this is cognitive dissonance. I sincerely hope that when my own beliefs meet facts, that I can bend and concede. I have no doubt that I'm wrong about something. I don't know what, yet, but I know that I'm wrong because I don't have every single fact.

I've been thinking about trying to push this book harder than I've been pushing it. I saw that "Alt Hero" comic collected something like fifty keys on Patreon or wherever. That is really surprising. Anyway, thanks for coming by to read every Friday, I appreciate it and hope you're enjoying the ride. At this moment I'm starting on page 18 in issue #4.

Comic transcript

Crimebuster is walking through Baron campus, talking on a cellular phone with his girlfriend Dotty Dorn. It's a nice day in Durham and it's a nice day in Colorado where Dotty is talking from. Squeeks the monkey is hanging out.

Dotty says "Hey, I'm just about to do a double diamond run with the girls, can I call you?"

Crimebuster replies "Sure thing, Dotty. Don't break that pretty spine of yours on the slopes."

Dotty gets the joke, answers "You."

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