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Friday 13th

I am going to try something different with this textual addendum to the weekly post. I'll be adding vid each week. I recorded a vid today, but I need to do the following first:

  • Update the driver of the 2006 camera
  • Upload vid to computer
  • Edit vid
  • Add in screenshot of this week's progress
  • Upload vid to youtube
  • Add vid code to page

I realized that was going to take a little longer than five minutes so anyway, the vid should be up on Saturday. Thanks for coming by! Enjoy this week's post!

Comic transcript

Crimebuster has just finished talking with his girlfriend on the telephone, and is walking into the Baron University Hospital in search of the rape kit information. Crimebuster's pet monkey Squeeks jumps off his shoulder as Crimebuster approaches the information desk.

Crimebuster badges the infodesk girl and says "Hello! I'm Agent Crimebuster with the F.B.I. I'd like to talk with the presiding S.A.N.E. nurse."

The infodesk girl is taken aback, but she gamely replies "Which nurse, again?"

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