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Okay, well, this is the second time this has caught me by surprise. I should do this earlier in the evening. Anyway, I hope you credit me for posting every single Friday. Also, this is page number six from issue number one. If you'd like to buy a physical copy of this comic book, and read the entire thing without waiting a week for every new page, you can click on the link appearing earlier in this sentence.

Also, thanks for reading!

Comic transcript

The team gets ready for their big party. They use social media like email and ... probably other social media that were extant in 2006, but at any rate, the team captain, #41, has written an email, and he shows the contents of the email to his fellow team member, #32.

It's funny, what he wrote! #41 clicks send with his email. It's addressed to other people on his team, and it's not addressed to anyone else, and the team captain of the Baron lacrosse team has every expectation of privacy as he sends it.

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